Chaldea Untold Ch 1-14 released + Rant (Assassin’s Creed + Anthem)


This is my first Servant vs Servant battle.  Let me know what you think.

It’s been pretty busy around here.  I’m getting off of one job and getting ready to move for the next.  Plus games.  I finally was able to get the rancid taste of Assassin’s Creed: Unity out of my mouth and went back to play Rogue.  It was nicely mediocre and I’m glad I speed ran the game for the most part (Black Flag was definitely superior, as Rogue feels like it was made by Ubi’s B-Team) but it was a game that existed to tie other games together, namely AC4, AC3, and Unity.  It also tried to do an Empire Strikes Back thing there, but the faceless employee in the “present” really didn’t allow for much of any tension or feeling of… anything.  Ubi made the wrong move trying to make the “Player” into the protagonist.

So now I’m playing Origins in anticipation of playing Odyssey.  It’s super fun and capturing a lot of what made Ezio’s arc so great (Except Revelations, that was kinda meh) in it’s spirit.  The game really has a personality in addition to it’s setting, which comes through in all it’s Side Quests as well as the Main Quests.  If you were off put by AC games during their yearly franchise release schedule and never bought Origins, I suggest getting it on the next special discount you can on the platform and distributor of your choice.  Especially since Running is tied to the tilt of the joystick now instead of the right trigger.  My hand is no longer a gnarled claw!  Thanks Ubi!

As for Anthem… turns out the game demo we saw and loved in E3 was nothing at pre-rendered smoke and mirrors.  Bioware claimed the game was in production for 7 years, well 5 and 1/2 of that was pre-production where no one ever knew what the fuck the game was going to be.  The E3 trailer was literally the first exposure the Bioware crew who were working on the game were able to actually say “Oh, so this is what the finished product is supposed to look like.”  The beginning to end work on the game itself was about 18 months in length.

So, that’s how the entire game is shit outside of the flying mechanic.  Kotaku and various YouTube content creators have more information, and I suggest you go check it out if you want knowledge.  The bare bones of it is, no matter WHO is developing the game that looks like the New Sexy, wait for release and reviews and NEVER. EVER. Pre-Order.

The Bioware we all knew and loved is dead, folks.  There’s nothing more than a homunculous of it’s desecrated body lumping around now.

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