Chaldea Untold 1-12 released. So no one wants a .pdf?

Well, there was absolutely no response to my question previously about .pdf preferences, so it seems there is no one who wants a downloadable .pdf of Stop Calling Me A Demon King.  That saves me effort.

In the mean time, I’ve used the time I was being frustrated by a .pdf to write another installment of Chaldea Untold.  Things are getting heated up in this one.


5 thoughts on “Chaldea Untold 1-12 released. So no one wants a .pdf?

  1. im fine with a PDF! as our island has frequent power outages having something to read while waiting is nice ^^


    1. Alright, I’ll look into free online pdf makers again. It may be a little longer. I used my time for writing and now I’m gearing up for the move. 1 month and counting.

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      1. Personally I find pdf’s hard to read on a phone screen. I usually end up having to turn my screen landscape and make the text very small to have whole lines on the screen.

        Are you planning to put this new story up on Royalroad?


        1. Chaldea Untold? Nah, it’s fan fiction, not original content. It’s not gonna be leaving BakaPubs, which was made for stupid content in the first place.

          If you’re talking about the NEW content that will be put into the released physical novels, then no, that will not be put online either. It’s a bonus for people who pay money for entertainment.


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