So I spent a few days working on getting the format done, and slightly updated content for a PDF version of the entirety of the public release works for Stop Calling Me A Demon King book 1.  I have it ready to do on Google Docs right now. Over 220 pages.  But when I select “Download As pdf”… I get nothing.  Perhaps because of the size of the file…?


So… does anyone have information on a free program I can use to make a .pdf to share with everyone?

3 thoughts on “SCDK Book 1 PDF. HELP!

  1. Anything free I know would add a watermark. You may consider a portable version of Acrobat. Or create an epub version of the book using Sigil or Calibre.
    Hope the publication is going well, looking forward to Book 2.


  2. I have a suggestion, not sure it’ll work.
    Now I’m on a mac and this works for me so I can’t speak for using windows.

    Instead of trying to download via google drive, you select print the PDF. Once in the options for printing there should be a selection for printing destinations and one the options to choose from is to save to PDF.

    Again I’m no tech wiz but I hope that helps, not sure it’s the same on windows systems but hey it’s worth a try right?


  3. Absolutely!

    Use LibreOffice. It has PDF export that works REALLY well, including internal links (such as for table of contents).

    And it’s both free (of charge) and free (software).


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