CU Chapter 1-10 released

So, I’m glad I held off on Anthem.

The thing that’s keeping me from playing it isn’t a lack of end game content, it’s more the fundamentals.  The randomness of loot dropped is far too random.  The reports of far too many and far too long loading screens (I was expecting the final release to be better than the public Demo).  And the inability to go back and replay story missions.  That last one was HIGHLY unexpected for me, and easily the biggest turn off.

So, what, Bioware, you’re saying I have to expunge my data and lose all my ONLINE PROGRESS to replay your story, which, being Bioware, is the most important part of ALL of your games?

Bye, Felicia.

Well, I’m starting to fall back into the Writing Groove again.  So, I think my next project is going to be to release a PDF file of Stop Calling Me A Demon King – Book 1: Unwelcome.  It’ll be a PDF of the Online version, and will be able to be downloaded for free.  The final version, after my re-writes and additions will need to be paid for.

And now the content none of you want to read!

Let’s Get Biblical

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