CU 1-4 published

So first, I went back and redid a few small details of chapter 1-3.  There was some out of character knowledge that peeked it’s way through my writing, and then the protagonist, Ritsuka, seemed just way too bad ass for a moment.  My frustration with real life broke through my writing there, sorry.

And it seems like the previous chapter wasn’t well received, probably because it was a cliff hanger, or a potential cop out to combat.  Remember folks, I write these in short bursts.  When it came time for a perspective change in the previous chapter there was no reason for me to NOT end it and pick up the POV change in the next one.


And for the Demon King fans, I’m reworking some things from the Online Alpha and Beta releases.  For one thing, there are no marriage rings in the alternate world, but marriage necklaces.  Just one of the many little changes I’m making in preparation for an eventual publication.

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