CU Ch 1-2

I made a retcon on the chapter numbers.  The first chapter of Chapter 1 is now 1-1 instead of 1-0.  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

So in my life, working in a pharmacy, or rather, in the medical field in general, the first week of January is hellish.  This has been the most draining work week in the last 6 months, at least.  That’s a reason why I had nothing for you folks.  Another was that I was busy farming events in my video games.  I’m an opportunist, alright?

But now I can finally start to inject a bit of originality into Chaldea Untold instead of parroting exposition.  I’m really looking forward to the future.

And remember, Anime rules are in effect. GAAAA is a monster. KYAAA is a woman.


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