New fluff series – Chaldea Untold

I need to keep my hand in writing.  More specifically, I need to get warmed back up and into proper Fiction Trim.  So, I’m not hesitating to introduce a side project that requires little dedication, no content minimums, and a chance for me to be absolutely crazy in my writing.  I want to be in full swing when I get that chance to write more Stop Calling Me A Demon King, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So, if you enjoy the Fate series of games and anime, you’ll probably have fun with it.  But Hopefully I’ll be able to make it fun without prior knowledge.  I’ll also be posting links to the series in the Fate: Grand Order Reddit channels, so there may be an influx of new people to the site.  I hope everyone gets along and plays nice together.  And if you don’t, at least make the fireworks show interesting for me.

Trace! On!

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