Only Mostly Dead

So I’ve made you guys wait a while huh?  Sorry, but you’re going to be waiting a while longer. After 10 months or so, I felt I owed an explanation.  And I finally have enough energy to provide one, plus a tiny bonus.  (As in, not so tiny.)

So my job had me shared between all the pharmacies of the area, helping fill out schedules and relieving the empty holes caused by call outs and maternity leave, and the like.  So, one of the pharmacies had someone quit.  I was sent over to take their place until a new person could be hired in their place.  Then another person job abandoned that pharmacy.  I spent a good number of months working to cover the holes left by two people, with an incompetent manager who couldn’t give a shit about the people in the pharmacy, or manning his store.  After that shitty manager quit, well, with the new manager, things got better.

But I ended up getting assigned to that super busy store permanently.

The scheduling has always been bad there.  Split days off are the norm and every day is a body breaking experience.  I call my head pharmacist Charlie Brown because every few days he’ll shout AAAARGH! from being stressed out.  And being overworked and under rested means I have not been able to ANYTHING creative.  That’s why there are still no new chapters for Stop Calling Me A Demon King.

It’s going to be a little while longer still.  But in this time I’ve fleshed out the world a bit more, and made it a little more alive… and dangerous.  But, you’ll eventually learn all about that.  So I hope you guys don’t cancel your bookmarks, because things are looking up for me.  I’m moving!

Yes, the only way for me to escape this super busy hellscape of a pharmacy is to move to another city for completely unconnected reasons.  But, after the initial frenzy of relocating, I dare say I’ll be back at the keyboard providing all of you with entertainment at my own expense.

So wish me luck!  And maybe become a Patron so I’ll have greater incentive to spend my time on writing.

And for the bonus:  Things I thought up to write about, but probably never will, and WHY!

  1. Chimera Link

An ongoing story about a Japanese highschooler who dreams of being a sci-fi light novel author.  He loves everything science and technology, and the romance of travelling space at faster than light speeds.  And he’s also the eldest son of an old Onmyouji family that was able to retain it’s place as government sponsored “problem solvers” since the reformation by Tokugawa Ieyasu.  Self-aware Shikigami are commonplace in his home, but he’s completely rejected the notion of learning the art, saying how it’s pointless to learn magic in the age of guns and explosives, and how people should be creating star ships and proton torpedoes.  Instead of being the inheritor of the mystic arts (his little brother is the one handling that), the MC is the inheritor of the family’s martial arts.

Then one day, his friend brings him to an occult shop (that the MC introduced her to in the first place) and the MC ends up releasing the seal on a 700 year old sealed envelope from mid-Europe containing inert soul materialization tarot styled cards.  These cards hold the souls of people who were blessed with high abilities in specific body specs.  Since the MC is an Onmyou bloodline, these cards later develop physical bodies, bodies the MC can merge into his own to temporarily turn himself into a chimera with enhanced physical aspects, with every combination of powers creating a different physical form.

Also, the opening of the sealed envelop sent out a beacon to the person who sealed it in the first place.  The reason why?  This super creep wanted to find someone who could push his magic to the extremes so he could test just how omnipotent it really is.  Hence, why the Big Bad starts something called the “Bounty Royale,” where there is an open ended bounty on the MC in the supernatural community, where every time someone is defeated by the MC, the price on his head goes up.

Why I won’t be writing this:

I don’t live in Japan.  Anything I write about the main character or the culture or landscape would be flawed otaku knowledge.  There is no way I’d be able to square it with myself to be able to write this without possessing the knowledge to do so first.


2. IRL (In Real Life)

The main character is a 20 something medical release from the army who can no longer serve because of the damage to his knees.  He chose to get an education in accounting as he no longer had any dreams for his life, and got a job in the accounting department of a company… accounting of shipments.  So he spends his days on the phone confirming lists of products made it to their locations without damage or loss.  Work is brain numbing, and he physically can’t do what he’d wanted his whole life.  To be in the action, fighting, leading, and protecting.

That’s why he’s addicted to an MMO fantasy game that has a special gimmick with it’s specifically regional servers as it’s selling point, allowing easier Offline Meet Ups with guilds and fellow players, and thus, more tight knit communities.  The MC’s character is one of the highest ranked in the L.A. region server, a Knight King of the civilized forces in service to the Creator.  He plays longer than anyone, more seriously than anyone, and more brutally than anyone.  Because the game is the only good thing he has going in his life.

Eventually, the company has a shift in “alignment” and removes the walls seperating cubicles from the ones directly opposite them, to promote community and make sure people don’t fuck around when no one’s eyes are on them.  His opposite neighbor seems like a nice, though extremely tall, super dorky guy with excessive body mass in fat and muscle respectively.  They hit it off well, and find they both play the same game.  Except the guy opposite the MC plays the Savage Clans… and if one of their strongest players… and they’ve been mortal enemies to each other for a long time.

Online hostilities quickly overrun into real life aggression, which in turn overflows back into the game.  A war on the L.A. server to end all wars breaks out… but no one noticed the shadowy and sinister evil lurking within the IT department…

Why I won’t be writing this:

There’s not enough substance for a story here to make a book out of it.  I could make a movie script out of this, but honestly, who’d want to produce something that caters to nerds, without making a laughing stock out of them? (Fuck you 0 Charisma!)

3. Unnamed

A girl is nearly abducted and raped by a serial pervert, but he suffers a fatal heart attack in the process.  Traumatized, the girl go back to trying to live her life.  Years later, in college, there is a frat house that has an initiation party where the pledges have to wait in the bushes for girls who are hoping to get “invited” to the party walk past, get “grabbed” by the initiates, and hauled inside where they are met by beers and cheers.  The main heroine mistakes her street walking home that night on a scenic route and gets grabbed by a pledge.  Her trauma activates and somehow, the 18 year old guy who grabbed her drops dead of a heart attack.

That being too much of a coincidence, the girl spends the story pushing past her preconceptions and figures out she can stop hearts with her mind.  She has to come to grips that she has killed people, and not entirely by accident.  She also decides she has to learn how to use the ability on purpose (gold fish test subjects) and cope with relationship drama as she pushes away her supportive boyfriend, while almost killing him in the process, because she can’t talk about her ability with anyone.

The other main character is a police detective who was a patrol man on the first heart attack victim, and now on the college boy dropping dead case. He connects the dots between the two undiagnosed heart conditions having the same girl in common.  The only thing that makes sense if you throw the wishful thinking of “coincidence” out the window is that the girl killed them both somehow, and he’s on the hunt to corner her and prove it.  Even if he has to push her hard enough to kill him in an interrogation room to do it.

Why I won’t be writing this:

I’m not a girl.  The emotions in this story are so raw, I can’t trust myself to be able to not fall into tropes as I write from a woman’s perspective, and I have no one to really bounce my writing off of to correct such a vast difference of mindscapes as gender produces.  If I had someone I could reliably use as a sounding board for the writing, who is skilled enough for me to have faith in their corrections of my writing, then this story may see the light of day.

4. Professor Wulfman

The MC is just a professor at a smaller college in western Washington who has something of an internet following since he makes youtube videos about teaching physics through parkour stunts.  The reason he’s able to do that shit though he’s a professor is because he’s not human, he’s a werewolf.

Most of his family clan comes from Montana and likes living in nature.  In fact, the MC, London Wulfman, is pretty much the only werewolf known by his clan that likes living in human cities.  The stink, the crowds, the lack of prey, and having to put up with the Social Contract… it’s just not worth it.  London though, he enjoys being a teacher and puts up with the inconveniences that modern civilization bring.  And he does parkour to alleviate his wild instincts.

Everything is going fine until London follows his nose one day and finds a grizzly murder scene (that he wants to roll around in and carry the smell away with him) where he quickly becomes suspect number one by a pair of detectives (I’d love to write these two) and London has to control his Alpha Male instincts while being harassed by the police.  But, the cops are one of his lesser worries, and the pone responsible for a chain of murders like the one London stumbled onto is someone London knows very well.  Someone he’s no match for in the forest.  But maybe he could be a match for him in the Concrete Jungle…

Why I won’t be writing this:

I actually might write this.  I have ideas for about 5 novels of this series in my head right now and the feel of the setting is really different to most everything out there. But I can’t be writing 2 long term series at the same time.  So I’d have to finish Demon King before I started.

5. No Such Thing As Heroes

The main character is, in fact, someone with super powers.  He discovered it early in life and set about exhaustive research into the subject in the most logical way possible.  Reading comic books.

The conclusion he came to though, was that when a hero establishes himself, there quickly follows a chain of destruction, crime, and violence with the establishment of villains and natural disasters that can only be taken care of by the Hero.  The double lives cause nothing but inconvenience, and just plane isn’t worth it unless there is no other choice but to go an reveal himself.  So, the MC doesn’t become a super hero and just uses his power for convenience sake, and saving on airfare by flying to his kid sister’s place to visit on the weekends.

Unfortunately, there is now a natural disaster on it’s way that can’t be stopped… unless the MC mans up and starts training life his life, and every life on the planet, depends on it.  In the end… are there really heroes?

Why I won’t be writing this:

Once again, I have so many ideas for a series like this.  But most of them are not fully length novel capable and I could only work on this if there were no other competitors for my time.  I might write this in the future.  There are a few characters i would have such a blast writing.

6. Chaldea Untold

I’ve recently gotten into the FATE series thanks to FATE:GO and the anime Unlimited Blade Works. (Apocrapha was kinda meh)

This got me thinking, “Fate:GO has all these characters working under a single master, in one place, at the same time.  What kind of interactions would they have with each other?  And how would they be convinced to cooperate with one another?  Especially Gilgamesh!”  I desperately want to write the GAME version of Fate:GO, not the anime, because the anime is about the storyline.  The game has the characters and their interactions, and that is what really draws me in.

I just desperately want to be the fly on the wall, as the heroic spirits of the 5th Holy Grail War are in a conference room, being told about the Grand Order and being asked for their help.  Desperate enough to want to write that business meeting myself.

So it would be a Fan-Fiction series following the game universe, in all it’s 4th wall breaking glory, dealing with on a focus on the characters and their interactions.  I’m putting serious thought into writing this and may end up doing so as a micro project around my exhausted state because of work and moving.

I think it would be a good read.  Don’t you think so too, you filthy mongrels!  Tell me what you think, is that something you’d read?


SO YEAH!  I’m alive and my brain is working, barely.  Look forward to the future, but it’ll be some time yet.


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