SCDK Chapter 28 Released

How many people actually read these things I write here?  I’d be surprised if it was a quarter of a single tenth of a bajillionth of a percent.  And yes, that’s a number.  It’s a part of Fuzzy Mathematics, I have a linty degree in it.

I quite literally got off a ten hour shift at work, and I’m making sure I release this chapter to you tonight before I pass out to have another long shift tomorrow.  Not because you’re awesome people (which you are), but because I would be overcome by guilt if I didn’t.  So it’s either this or self-flagellation.

One more chapter in book 1 to go!

6 thoughts on “SCDK Chapter 28 Released

  1. I read it, and if the comments are any indication, so does one other person. This means that you have at least 500 bajilion readers.


  2. I just came across this through topwebfiction, and burned through it all as fast as I possibly could. I really like this story, and have started spamming links to your story to my friends.

    Just so you know.


    1. I’m glad there are people who are enjoying this so much that they want to spread the joy. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep you entertained from here on out as well.


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