SCDK Ch 27 released!

So, first business.  I just watched David Suchet Poirot in the Murder on the Orient Express episode of the Poirot series on Netflix.  SO GOOD!  My life will never be the same.

Second, my Patreon backers got this chapter 2 days ago.  I was too tired last night to do all the editing and reposting for release for all the free readers.  I’m actually not regretful on keeping you folks waiting this time.  I was really tired after all.

Third, there are only a few more chapters in Book 1 of Stop Calling Me A Demon King.  Once book 1 is finished I will be taking a break from SCDK to get caught up on some other projects I have been keeping people waiting for.  There is actually a very ground breaking contest in the works waiting for me to get off my duff and write the short story that will be the catalyst for it.  So, I need to get on it.  The projects have been in hang fire for over 6 months now.  I will not be leaving you guys high and dry though.  I’ve introduced enough side characters that I can do some Extra Chapters about them, and that is in addition to Maoujanai High.  Updates will be infrequent however, so I honestly recommend subscribing to the channel to not miss them.

Fifth, after I start on Book 2, I will be altering my Patreon Rewards so that backers no longer get only a 24 hour pre-access to my chapters, but they get a permanent 1 chapter pre-access.  Which means Book 2 Ch. 1 will be a Patreon Exclusive until I write and release Chapter 2, and so on in sequence.  This is not a paywall.  All chapters become available to free readers in time.  It’s just that Backers are giving me money, and they should get a real reward.  And other super talented writers are keeping three chapters exclusive at a time and the like, so I feel my 1 chapter is rather lenient.  This set up is subject to change if I feel it need tweaking, however

Sixth… is anyone actually still reading this?


5 thoughts on “SCDK Ch 27 released!

    1. Yes, in fact, it is. And the next Strongman the Barbarian with an art contest backed with my own shmuckers. I’m hoping I can convince Rob to do something rather special for the grand prize. Mwa ha ha ha.


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