SCDK Extra Ch 6 released

Nothing funny to say right now.  I was sick and couldn’t write more than one perspective, so I used it as a chance to write Ex Ch 6.  I originally planned to write it after ch 29, but plans change.

Also, because of various reasons this is being released to all people at the same time.  This is a one off event because I feel like crap and don’t want to go through the guilt of holding back on 99% of my readership.

Should I expand the time that Patreon backers get preliminary access to my chapters?  I saw one guy who is doing a 3 weeks advance screening for patreon backers.  But that kinda feels like too much.  At what point does advanced screening go from rewards for backers to punishment for free readers?  I’d like your opinions.


One thought on “SCDK Extra Ch 6 released

  1. It depends on the release schedule, firstly, and then secondly on the delay’s length itself. I Shall Seal The Heavens, for example, has Deathblade pumping out 14 chapters a week, so chapters being available to patrons 24 or 48 hours ahead of time works great for him, since he translates them in batches anyways.

    Conversely, someone doing it for a 3 week delay comes across as just punishing readers who can’t afford it/don’t feel the work is worth their money (harsh, but it’s their cash, just as it’s your work). What free readers do is promote the work ( the explanation for fanatics (fans) here is a great one, and this is a great read anyways ) and provide all sorts of energy input into the scene around the work, even if they themselves may not be able to pay, or don’t feel like paying themselves; without that impetus, you don’t see the rest of the scene build around the work, to where you can get that solid backing from those who can afford to/think it’s worthwhile to pay, like Deathblade’s work mentioned above.

    He has 1,802 patrons, but he’s never demanded anything from free readers, just continued to put out quality content that people were willing to give him money for, to the point that that *is* his job, one of the lucky few that can do something they love and earn a good living while doing so, too. But, at the same time, what works for him might not work for you; I still think it’s a good, solid base to operate from, though.


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