Super Bowl Special

The backstage area of Stop Calling Me A Demon King went nuts as the last play of the game occurred, a game that was decided by inches.  Members of the 78th platoon splashed beer all over each other, a plate of nachos went flying, and Callic bodily lifted Iyleen up, planting a sloppy kiss on her lips before they remembered they were pretending that they were not a couple.

As the hollering began to subside, Aase remarked to Xander, “I didn’t know if I’d like an American Football game, but that was incredible!”

“I know,” replied Xander in an unnecessary shout.  “The Patriots were made fools of by bad plays and bad luck for almost the entire game, and then they made that recovery, despite a missed extra point, some miraculous saves, and a two point conversion that was nearly stopped cold!  The Patriots had the good luck to get the ball in Over Time, the first Super Bowl Over Time EVER!  Then, then that last drive and that final play!  It was like fate itself was tampering with every part of the game, beginning to end!  God that was awesome!”

Then Chaz in his fancy burgundy suit walks into the slowly calming room speaking on a cell phone from the 80’s that looked like a plastic brick saying, “Oh, I’m just glad you’re happy with the final result, Roger.  And yes, I’m willing to wait until tomorrow for the payment.  Enjoy the after parties.”

With a beep, Chaz hung up the phone and then dropped it.  The phone dissolved into smoke that disappeared into the air.  Chaz flopped down on a seat on a couch that was improbably vacant and reclined, saying, “Nothing like a good day’s work.”

“Chaz?  What are you doing here?” asked Xander.

“And who was that on the phone?” continued Aase.

“Oh, that was Roger Godell, the President of the NFL.  His people promised this would be the best game ever and he wanted to make sure it really was.”

Xander’s face blanched and it looked like he’d just laid an egg.  It took a few moments for Xander’s shock to subside before asking, “Chaz?  Did you have a hand in this Super Bowl?”

Chaz turned to look Xander in the eyes, and silently smiled.

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