Maoujanai Ch 2

Sorry for how late this is.  Had a busy week at work on top of winter storm conditions.  I had to park my car a block from my home and walk the rest of the way uphill wearing scrubs.  I walked through an ice storm wearing pajamas, people!  I’m earning my money!

So, yeah, draining week.  And I’m also fueling my drive for the next chapter, which will be so big I’ll have to divide it up like I did for Wheels Within Wheels.  I’ll have some back to back days off in the future and hopefully I’ll make progress at that time.

In the mean time, I was able to wrestle up some silliness, and write Maoujanai chapter 2.  Enjoy!

Oh. And Stop Calling Me A Demon King has posted 9 chapters on Royal Road Legends, and already gone from 5000th place to 380th, with 4.72 / 5 Stars.  I dunno if that’s a testament to my writing or a condemnation of the average submission to that website, but I BE HAPPY!

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