SCDK Christmas Special

Good morning everyone, and Merry Christmas.  I’m a firm believer of equality.  And if Star Wars can have a Christmas Special, then Stop Calling Me A Demon King can have one as well!

Read it here, ya plebs, and share it out loud with all your precious family as well!  They won’t understand it, but you’ll still be amused!

In other news, I’m now hosted on Royal Road, on Web Fiction Guide, and on Web & Light Novels.  So, that’s three web sites dedicated to informing people about original fiction.  If you guys feel like it, please drop in on one or more of those sites and leave some good words or glowing reviews.  I mean, it’s Christmas.  What else are you gonna do, spend your time with your family?

And, as always, the Patreon readers got the link and password to the new chapter a day early, so they’ve been partying since Christmas Eve!  Don’t you wish you could be partying with the cool kids?  You can if you back me on Patreon!  Seriously, it’s 4 bucks a month, max.  That’s less than your coffee, and it’s going to someone who’s actually putting effort into their job.  Damn lazy bean jockeys…

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