Dear Royal Road

If you’re not Royal Road Legends, then it’s fine to ignore this post. It will be deleted when my account over there is verified.

Dear Royal Road, I am indeed the authors of Stop Calling Me A Demon King, and also the person who submitted it as his original fiction to your website. I am grateful you care enough about the submissions that you check them out so carefully.  I am hereby stating that the submission to your website is being done by me, on the recommendation of a reader, to try and increase my readership.  Please my fiction. I look forward to my continued submissions to your website.

Signed, BakaGrappler.


EDIT: Instead of deleting this post, I’ve decided that I’ll just be saying, I have been approved by Royal Road Legends, and now have SCDK being published on their we site as well.

Check it out HERE.  Leave a nice review, or a basting tongue lashing, I have no control over you, Internet-At-Large!

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