SCDK Ch 24

Alright!  Chapter 24 is released!  Now, quick explanation. I had the brain storm that people were able to just bypass my previous method of keeping SCDK chapters from being viewed by non-Patreon Backers early by not providing links to it by just using a search engine with the right key words.  So now, every release is password protected for one day for the Patreon Backers to get first crack at reading the releases, because they are special and unique snowflakes.  They deserve at least that much preferential treatment for giving me money for my extensive labors in writing.

Link is HERE if you don’t want to hear why the last two weeks have been horrible, and how I worked hard to write this last chapter, which is double sized.

So, I think people remember that last week I was sick.  The third sickest I’ve been in my life.  Took over a week for me to be able to be on my feet.  Well, after I recovered, my city got hit by the Big Freeze.  My city is very well landscaped, as in, tons of trees everywhere, growing unchecked.  Every single plant surface was covered with a quarter inch of ice in the first day, meaning every blade of grass was suddenly a half inch thick.  Lawns looked like they had dreadlocks.

So what happened from all this frost?  Trees across the city started falling apart.  Entire roads were blocked off and the entire south side of the city lost power for a full day.  I live on the south side of the city.  It was a very special treat navigating streets covered in the wreckage of entire trees in the black of night with no street lights.  By the time I took my third detour to read the main southern thoroughfare I had a line of cars behind me, like ducklings, having me navigate them to their homes.

So, I was unable to write for two days.  Then, immediately after a good night’s sleep in a power resupplied home, guests from out of town arrived with their 4 kids.  Three of them were little shits who took a liking to me.  And by that, I mean I kept them entertained, so they constantly bothered me, and I couldn’t get any writing done because of the little shitholes.

They also stole my Little Debbies candy stash!  Even after being told not to!  I will rip that little fucker’s head off if I ever see him again!

AND I lost my favorite scarf, a gift from my mother, made of the only wool I can bear having against my skin, cashmere, because I was roped into escorting the little shits to GameStop for them to buy games, and I was so vigilant on keeping an eye on the straggling little bastards that I didn’t feel it falling off.

And that was after it took an hour for them to choose games.  Indecisive little fucking shitballs!

So I couldn’t get to writing until after the loud as fuck little dickweeds went to sleep, and stayed up until 2 in the morning writing the first half of the chapter, on a work night, and then I was up until 2 am last night finishing the second half, because I sure as hell wasn’t going to have another week without a release.  You guys deserve better than that!

So, I guess what I’m saying is.  Praise the Baka. Much writings. So dedication.

So yeah.  If this has given you any insight into what I have to overcome to bring you guys quality fiction, maybe Backing me on Patreon wouldn’t be out of the question.

2 thoughts on “SCDK Ch 24

  1. Rereading this post, I perhaps come off as something of a jerk. I promise, this was just all the backed up bile and venom of me being nice to those kids despite losing so much time, energy, and property in the process. The kids really did like me, and they want me to visit them next time. No way in hell though; if I see them again it’ll be too soon. It’d be one thing if those kids were related to me, but I’m not about to suffer like that wrangling some other person’s kids ever again.


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