SCDK Ch 23. …So tired

I made the mistake of enjoying myself playing Tyranny going into Thanksgiving, and that left me with no free days left to spend writing SCDK.  So I had to write after work Friday and Saturday.  I just barely was able to finish to my own satisfaction at a good stopping point (Mwa-ha-ha) and got the final product online last night.  For all the Patreon Backers to read a day before you guys.

If you want to be one of the few, the proud, the paying, then visit my Patreon Page to become a backer and get advanced access to all the chapters of SCDK!

And on that note, I want to publicly thank Revan Aurion for his support!  I hope he enjoys his advanced notifications of my writing.

And another note, Auron puts me very nearly 20% of the way towards the Backer Goal of $50 per chapter, at which point I will create and keep up to date a Glossary and Atlas of the developing world of Stop Calling Me A Demon King!  I’m thinking of having Chaz do all the writing for the Atlas.  It’s important to delegate. Once again, I want to remind everyone, that Patreon Backer goals are opened up for ALL readers to enjoy, as I don’t believe in pay walls. But these rewards for the community will only happen if people start backing me.  After all, I also want to be paid more then 70 cents per hour of work I put into this series…

Hmm.  What have I forgotten…?

Ah well, probably nothing important.  Enjoy yourselves everyone. I know I’m only doing this for your gratification, and the feedback you give me in return!

2 thoughts on “SCDK Ch 23. …So tired

  1. Well… if you include the “memories” and specials, I’m still ahead of you. Oh, started a new project as well. Anywho, I’m starting to wonder if I should do Patron?


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