SCDK Ch. 21 + Patreon Perk

First off, I got the job.  I’ll be starting work this next week. YAY!

Secondly, I’ve decided that Patreon Backers will be getting a special service for the fact that they are Backing me.  They will be getting access to my releases one day in advance of everyone else on the planet.  So, you know the chapter you’re about to read.  Other people who are supporting me have already beaten you to it.

If you wanna be one of the cool kids who get first access, it’ll only cost you a dollar on Patreon.  So go ahead and sign up.  You’ll become a transcendental being if you do!

And finally, what you all came here for, and I knowingly withheld to force you to read the rest of the post, a link to the new chapter! YAY!

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