SCDK Ch. 20

Big shout out to David, aka, bananaish, for his support through Patreon! I greatly appreciate his backing. I’ll be making a new page for a permanent thanks to my Patreon Backers.

So, the big news today is that I added Next Chapter and Previous Chapter links to SCDK!  I actually did that last week, but I doubt anyone noticed.

I’m also going to be applying to that Top Web Fiction people were talking about in the post last week. I’ve just been babysitting my mother’s dog all week and haven’t had the energy to try and do anything new.  Hey, it’s hard being a shut in, alright?

Also, it’s looking like I have a new job waiting for me come this next week. Hopes and prayers, please!

And here’s your literary smack!  Feed that addiction!

It literally took me three times as long to write this chapter.  Writing a good fight scene is like playing left handed chess, you have to change your entire way of thinking every few seconds for both sides of a fight to get their licks in.

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