Train Wreck Life + Twitter Drive!

Hi, all.  No chapter this week because of a few things.

Have you ever been hired for a job that you had not been trained for, told you would receive training, and then got fired for not having the training that was expected of you?  This week is the second time this has happened in my life.  So any support through Patreon would be EXTRA welcome right now.

And on that note, a super big thank you to the man with an empty name! [], thank you for supporting me through Patreon!

Now, if you’re thinking that would mean I had MORE time to dedicate to writing, you’re kinda correct.  But I’m moving as well.  I’ve lived the last year as a live in caretaker for an inherited property until the rest of my family decided what to do with it.  They decided this week, and I need to move out.  So, once again, Patreon support would be EXTRA welcome right now.

So I’ve spent the last week throwing away everything I can live without and packing up everything I can’t, while sorting out my grandfather’s belongings.  So that’s left me in a living situation where I couldn’t clear my mind enough to write anything about my Demon King.

In the mean time though, I’ve come up with an idea for the site.  Since my writing is an original work instead of a translation of a Japanese Web Novel, it doesn’t qualify for all the Light Novel Update sites out there; meaning I get meager traffic because all my advertisement is links I lay lying around like land mines in other translation sites.  So, I’d like to try and stimulate Word Of Mouth advertisement.

SO! For every person who posts a Twitter update about my web site, and places a link to it here in the post, I will make one update to the Cast Page and Glossary Page!  Yes, I will introduce a Glossary page for this.  But it will be up to all of YOU to get it filled out!

So, let’s go people, and make me (slightly) popular!

5 thoughts on “Train Wreck Life + Twitter Drive!

  1. Ouch.

    Hmm.. has SCDK been submitted to Top Web Fiction?
    More eyeballs is always a good thing. :>

    Other that that, I’d recommend going through past chapters and fixing any typographical oopses that others have raised. Humans, being fickle creatures, might be impressed enough to toss a buck (or two, even) at you for perfectly clean prose and a demonstrated willingness to maintain it.

    Sorry, no twitter.


  2. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a twitter, but I do have advice.

    If it’s traffic you’re worried about, have you considered posting on Your serial would fit perfectly there, and it’s where I usually find most of my English-lang readables. is harder to get noticed on, I think, since it relies on reader votes for prominence, but I thought it may be worth mentioning.

    I also see no reason, aside from being a slight bother, that you can’t multi-post your chapters on various original fiction aggregate sites, such as wattpad, which is overflowing with (female) teenage hormones, but has pretty good traffic flow for works that post regularly and/or have brooding, yet handsome, men on the cover.

    There’s also no shame on posting on various writers boards if you have the time, either directly advertising or just making your presence known.

    If you’re really serious about spreading the word that you have a novel out there, I’ve heard you can buy banner ads pretty cheaply, but that’s secondhand knowledge on my part.

    It’s very rare that I see patreons becoming profitable within a few months, which seems to discourage people, but they seem to improve given time, patience, and dedication.

    hope that helps.


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