SCDK Ch. 19

So, first of all, I have a Patreon page!  Right now P Goldstein is the only backer, and I am enormously grateful to him.  That’s right, I’m dedicating the opening of this post to P Goldstein, who likes my story enough to literally put his money where his mouth is, and it flatters me to no end that he does it.  It gives me drive to keep writing, and if other people contributed, I would be thanking them as well.

…But there are no other contributors, which makes me a saaaaad Baka.  No one likes seeing a sad Baka.  Contribute to my Patreon to see a happy Baka.  Even if it’s just a few cents per chapter, it’s something to make me feel loved and appreciated.  And sharing love is worth a few coins every week or two, right?

But I just finished a chapter and published it for everyone to read!  Which makes me a happy Baka!  Or a bi-polar Baka!  I think I am in need of serious help here!


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