Hello New Readers

This is a site dedicated to producing original works of fiction for people to voraciously consume.  Mainly the story: Stop Calling Me A Demon King, which is about a person who was abducted to another world against his will, and is doing his best to get by… no matter who has to be destroyed in the process.

Eventually, if there is an interest, I will host other people’s original fiction as well on the site.  If you wish to be a contributor, contact me.

For everyone else…

5 thoughts on “Hello New Readers

  1. I’ve actually thought about doing that with my site. Hell, I thought about letting Silva’s Library host Let’s Go Devil King in the past. Be careful though, you have to make rules and allow other Users to use your WordPress site to post. You can make it so multiple users can use your site, but I’m a little iffy on the concept myself.


    1. Oh, hell no, I wouldn’t allow other people to have access. They would submit to me, and I would decide if it was alright, and post it myself. Little extra work, but worth the security.


      1. Well, you can handle it how you want to. Good luck on that endeavor. If it weren’t for the fact that I set up my Twitter feed and a donate button on my own site, I would see if you wanted to host LGDK as your site gets more traffic.


    1. Thanks for the listing. I’ve put up a description like the one on my Patreon account, and added tags, genres, and a posted up my new chapter. Here’s hoping for more exposure. 🙂


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