Patreon + Extra Ch 3

So I had something of a crazy week.  On Monday I succeeded in getting my lazy self to make a Patreon page (I have no idea what I can put behind a paywall though, without feeling like an A-Hole, so suggestions are welcome).  On Tuesday morning, I was woken up by a phone call to work in a city 70 miles away for the next 4 days, using a hotel room as a base during that time.  I worked 10 hours each day, so I didn’t have enough time to write a whole chapter.  So please enjoy this Extra Chapter that explains A LOT about how women are presentable in fantasy worlds.

Fezzik! Fresh Horses!

By the way, I’m hoping to convince my brother to make a few drawings for my Patreon stuff and replace that ugly purple block on the right side of the page.  Yes.  So Ugly.

2 thoughts on “Patreon + Extra Ch 3

  1. Lazy answer: Do nothing extra for your patrons. Continue to release everything publicly. (I recommend this, starting out.)

    Tricky answer: Rather than address the question, I’d like to point you at another Patreon creator who, I feel, has a good handle on how to reward Patrons. They create additional content separate from the main storyline, allowing for dastardly outsiders Patrons to influence the world, but not hurt the main story.

    Alternative answer: Maybe promise a minimum number of chapters monthly (is three fair?) and release more if total pledges exceed some amount, for example: 4 released @ $200, 5 released @ $350, etc..?


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