Sorry, no content this week

I only have a 1 day weekend this time around and I just spent it helping my brother load a moving van full of stuff that had been in storage at my place.  Good news, I have a lot more room now.  Bad news, I have a lot less furniture, including dressers for my clothes.  I’ll be spending the rest of the day setting things to rights and then resting for another 4 days on the job.

I don’t even have the leeway today to re-release a previous project I’ve done.  But I’ll definitely have something next week, I can promise you that.  I might even have a Patreon Account set up, I dunno.  I’m mad with fatigue and dehydration, so I might just promise you anything t this point.  I mean, it’s an election year, why should I be the only one not making empty promises?

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