SCDK Extra Chapter 2: Q & A

Well, I somehow had the energy to write a Q & A chapter that I think people will enjoy, even if they don’t like Q & A.  Take a look and give feedback if you have an opinion.  I’ll probably do some work on the next real chapter once I wake up tomorrow and finish with my shopping.  Food and clothing.  Turns out I need more undershirts if I want to stick to my two week clothes washing routine.

In other news, I’m working 5 days this next week, and I’ll be spending 2 hours in the car each day in addition to 9 hours at work.  That’s the price I have to pay to make 50% more cash per hour than any other job in the same industry I could have gotten otherwise.  It’s really taking my back to the slave pit days of my time being a video game tester for THQ.  Or as they were known in the industry before they went under “To Hell with Quality,” for their consistent Day 0 patches for game breaking bugs.

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