SCDK Ch 15

This is a chapter that almost wasn’t!  On time at least.  I’ve been helping my mother organize the myriad ton of shit she pulled out of her attic and stored at my place all week.  It was exhausting!  Then I found out yesterday while I was writing this chapter that I was going to be working today.  After accepting (hey, I need the cash) the position for the day, the store I was going to work at cancelled my shift, so I get four hours of pay for it being a last minute cancellation for doing nothing!

And because I had the day off, I was able to write this.  I literally finished writing this minutes ago, and have put it, freshly half-baked, here before you.

Mmmmm, yummy!

And if you guys are in need of a REALLY good cell phone game, download Rune Story. It’s a top down anime/chibi action game you play with one finger. And with that one finger you can attack, dodge, counterattack, use special attacks, and power up charge attacks.  Combined with town building and constant fun and interesting Events, it’s a great time sink you’ll love.  Me, I have the $5 a month subscription to show my appreciation to the makers and to save up Gems for the REALLY awesome characters that will be coming down the line in the future.  Here’s hoping for Tina and Brawler Charlotte!

Rune Story’s ONLY weakness is the Story Mode for the first few islands.  It’s a little weak because of the initial translation problems in localization. I could go on, but I won’t. Colopl has been doing an amazing job of responding to the needs and requests of their players, and I have actually had several of my submitted observations of the game either fixed, or integrated into the game!  You can thank me for the “Character Art Unlocked” pop up window, dawg!

So, Rune Story is a great game, and this is the time to get in on it.  Great units available right now (especially if you’re the type to reroll until you get who you want) and you’ll have time to accumulate Gems for the awesome ones down the line!  Go download it, now!

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