SCDK Ch. 14

So, here’s SCDK a day early for two reasons. The first is that I feel bad I didn’t have a chapter for you guys last week, and second, I’m going to be putting effort towards work from 6 am to 8 pm tomorrow, so I doubt I’ll have the energy to post on Saturday.

Chapter 14 is go!

In other news, I’ve bought a new car!  It’s a nice 2015 Camry XSE that I got for 15,000 on the dime.  The lot was clearing their stock and I was able to buy it for less than the dealers paid for it.  This is just another reason I believe in and love God, because this is the exact sort of thing that I needed to have happen to me.

It’s such a nice car that my father, who co-signed with me, flat out told me that he wanted the car for himself.  So now, a question of etiquette… if your father borrows your car to go on a date… does he have to return the car with a full tank of gas?

4 thoughts on “SCDK Ch. 14

      1. I realized that I had accidentally left comments off. Enabling comments is a completely different toggle that has to be turned on for Pages, but is automatically turned on for Posts. So, it’s been fixed. Post to your heart’s content, cause I wasn’t trolling you in there. Not on purpose anyways.

        …I do sing the Troll Song in the shower, but that doesn’t make me a troll!


        1. Yeah, I know that about WP…weird system. I just thought it seemed appropriate for that ending, that’s all. A sort of “game over, lets all go home now” sort of thing.

          …I guess it would be kinda mean, though. 😛


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