Update and Strongman

So I just had my first week of work.  My second week will be MUCH lighter, so I expect I’ll be able to write content to some degree.  I’ve also completed my horrific grind in my cell phone game yesterday as I was relaxing and recuperating from my job.  So I will probably be far less distracted in the weeks to come, as well.

Things are looking up!

Now, for this weeks content, it’s not SCDK, but the next tale in the Strongman Saga.  Strongman and the Ice Queen.  Fans of the original series will be able to place the origins of the tale, but I hope that everyone will be able to enjoy it’s alien splendor.  I may be biased, but I consider it a good read.

In other news, I’ve enjoyed taking walks now and then.  The frequency of my walks have not changed since Pokemon Go was released, but curious things have happened during them.  I’ve seen more people taking walks, and when we identify each other as Poke Goers, there is almost an embarrassed admission of our activities to each other.  And people I never would have thought of as Pokemon fans kept popping up around me.  I went into a Subway with five people in it, including myself, and four were Pokemon Go players.

Nintendo has succeeded in changing the world, yet again.

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