SCDK Extra Chapter 1

So many people have visited the site today that I’ve decided to celebrate!  I hereby give you Extra Chapter 1! Enjoy it!  If it’s not too tragic for you.

I’ve also updated the menu system to have sub and sub-sub selections for each individual chapter and a new cast page.  This is all in addition to my regular chapters, mind, so my regular progress will not be slowed at all.

In other news, I have three different companies interested in hiring me now. One pays crap and can’t hire me for at least a few weeks, probably more, but knows and loves me.  Another pays a bit better, and would have regular hours of work per week, and would hire my right away.  And the third pays 50% more than the others, but an unpredictable work schedule.  I’m a little torn on which company to work for.

Opinions are welcome.

3 thoughts on “SCDK Extra Chapter 1

  1. How unpredictable would the work schedule be? 50% higher wages are significant, but only if you get the hours to with it. Also, wages aren’t everything, don’t forget to examine the benefits and environment — it doesn’t matter how much they pay if you can’t stand working there.


    1. The third job would be working as a professional replacement. Every pharmacy in a 100 mile radius would potentially be a workplace for me, and it would change all the time, until someone said to me, “You’re valuable enough for me to match what you’re being paid now.” And Medical, Dental, and 401K when you are working more than 30 hours a week.

      It’s a sign up scheduling, so the hours go to those who grab them first, and for Floating (going to other towns to fill in for people there), my travel and accommodations are covered by the company.


  2. If it were me, I would go with option two. Working with people that really like you.. and that you really like too.. can lead to you getting taken advantage of. Also, since they can’t hire “for a few weeks” tells me they probably aren’t interested in me.. or have some internal difficulties they need to work out. The third option is attractive, but there is something to be said about having a reliable and generally predictable schedule. Also, driving around wherever until whenever can become a costly burden even if you are getting reimbursed for the miles driven.

    Best of luck


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