SCDK Chapter 10

I very nearly had a working desktop computer, all nice, fancy, up to date, with a great processor, memory, motherboard, and a decent graphics card I won’t have to update for 4-5 years.  For about 500 bucks less than the same rig would have cost me if I’d bought it pre-fabricated.

Then I took an arrow to the knee.

Turned out the pins for the case button hook ups were loose, and came apart while I was installing the motherboard.  I was so close to completion, everything was working as nature had intended.  And then that.  I had to watch Star Wars Episode 7 to even out my depression.  It worked wonders.  That Blue Ray disc was probably my best investment of this year.

Oh, wait a second. You wanted SCDK Ch. 10, right?  Why didn’t you say so!?

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