Update + Bonus: Strongman the Barbarian

Hello everyone. Just letting you know, I was able to get the cash to assemble a new computer from a kind relative. But the motherboard I got as part of the order was defective, so it’s been exchanged with the manufacturer.  This means that I have another week or two without a computer as the parts are now, quite literally, in the mail.

I am once again borrowing a computer to let you all this know.  And I would feel a bit like a heel if I informed you all of this without giving you something nice to read.  I’d rather not set you up with another Stop Calling Me A Demon King chapter, as I need to maintain my buffer.  Instead I am sharing another project I wrote a while ago, based off the adventured of Conan in the Hyborean Age, but set in another world entire.  It’s a fun read, if I say so myself, and I hope everyone else enjoys it too.  I’ve set up a new Side Projects tab to house these kinds of bonuses to boot.  So Yay!


One thought on “Update + Bonus: Strongman the Barbarian

  1. It’s nice that you have a new PC in the works, I kinda missed advertising SCDK. No “kinda” I REALLY missed it because I missed the story in general. I hope you talk more about the build after it’s together and you start updating again, I am a computer geek after all.


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