SCDK Ch. 8 – Special Release

It’s a special release, because I was able to get it published without having a computer of my own, yet.  Seriously, I’m on a borrowed desktop while house sitting for family.  This is the furthest thing from an established situation, so updates are still going to be an uphill battle for me until I can replace my PC.

Especially since this computer has one of those Gaming Keyboards with a weird layout. It really plays havoc with my typing. So many typos!

So, I hope everyone is happy I was able to get this out today, because it nearly became necessary to release tomorrow, after being down with griping guts from what I believe was under cooked canned soup. First world problems!

Please continue being patient with me, and Follow or Subscribe for the updates. Cause I’m still far away from getting this boat back on a regular schedule.


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