SCDK Chapter 7

Hey all!  Here’s the next chapter of the story, which has been conspicuously close to becoming “The Hikikkomori of the Summoning Room.”  My buffer of chapters has been stagnating at only being one chapter ahead for a while, because I’ve been spending time building the personalities those who shalt remain nameless, and because I’ve been tensed up all day, every day, since Wednesday, when I had a job interview.

Signs point to “yes,” but it’s a very slow to arrive “yes.” If this falls through, my back up is an unpaid internship.  …sigh.

In happier news, Chapter 7!

4 thoughts on “SCDK Chapter 7

    1. Thank you for alerting me to such a thing. I’ve looked into the Widgets and found the options to add an easier to use Follow system. I hope everyone takes advantage of it.


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