SCDK Chapter 4, and tentative schedule

So, first the new business…

I guess all of it is new business…

Anyway, I’m setting a tentative release schedule for one chapter of Stop Calling Me A Demon King per week, to be released by Sunday.  Or at least, one new bit of content to add to the site per week, as I have some rather nifty other projects that I can gold mine should Real Life emergencies or burnout cause me to miss a deadline or two.

This is in the interest of forcing me into a schedule to prevent the project from dying, and also to see if I there is enough interest in the story for a Donation System to be created down the line.  The donations would be to spur me on to write more content at a faster rate than my given schedule for the readers who really want more content, like all the other translation sites.  This is a hobby that I am doing for free.  If that’s not good enough, you will be able to pay me to do it faster.  That kind of system.

But that’s in the works for another day, and only if people become interested in such a thing.  And interest will probably only come after I’ve proven I have a reliable release schedule for a few months beforehand.  So I’m not gonna worry about it yet and just keep writing.

Oh, yeah!  I just finished writing the next chapter!

Chapter 4: Mercy

One thought on “SCDK Chapter 4, and tentative schedule

  1. The only reason why I haven’t done the “donations” thing is because I kinda feel guilty about asking people to pay me for writing something I normally do for free. Not to mention I’ve been writing fan fiction for so long that receiving money feels strange. However, you’re not me. I say if you wanna do it down the line, go for it.


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