SCDK Chapter 3

Hi all.  It’s taken far longer for me to write the next post for two simple reasons. I was baby sitting my parent’s dog, who demands constant attention and is cute enough to get it.  And I bought Stardew Valley to dispell the annoyance I was getting from frolicking with the dog instead of reading web novels and writing my own hack stories.

Well, the dog is gone and I felt so guilty for not updating for so long that I pounded out this chapter in three hours in the dead of night before allowing myself to sleep.  I’ve updated it enough to be happy with the result, and am throwing it at your faces.

I’ve also figured out how to enable comments in the Pages, thanks to Shasu-sensei, so tell me what you think in the chapters themselves from here on out.

Oh, and by the way, there maaaaay be some adult content and language in my series.

Chapter 3

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