SCDK Chapter 2

Hello no one!  As expected my site has absolutely zero readership, but that’s not gonna stop me! Yet!  So here’s the next installment of my own Isekai series.

If you enjoy it, then tell your friends! Or just drop a web link or something and run before anyone sees you.

Chapter 2: Awake

9 thoughts on “SCDK Chapter 2

  1. Overall, I can’t wait for the next chapter. Still… for some reason the comments section on the chapters themselves isn’t showing. I don’t know if it’s your theme or settings?


    1. This is my first web site, so I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Seeing that I was getting bugged to approve comments in my email inbox I’ve gone in and fiddled with the settings. Hopefully comments will be auto approved from here on out.

      And thanks for looking forward to my hack writing. I’ll get the monkeys working at the typewriters again. Monkey Union or no!


      1. I don’t hire union Monkeys. Still, you should read my novel if you wanna talk about hack writing. I’ve been writing for over 10 years and I still have a ways to go.


  2. Nice one, keep going man
    I hope there is rpg element like level in your story, its not like i dislike your story it just sugestion though.


    1. RPG elements? Like beating up people who get in your way and taking their stuff? Cause I think I just did that…


      1. I think he mean status, level and skill that usually come in RPG. And beating up people and taking stuff is not RPG elements. More like thief and poor hero do.


    2. that’s actually what I fear the most whenever I start reading a new novel. because personally whenever there is something like leveling and such I cannot see this as an other reality at all.


    1. Then I guess all of WordPress is a phising site. It’s probably the advertisements that appear on the pages with the Free plan I’m using. I suggest using Ad Blocker if you don’t like advertisements, and then see if my web site comes up as a phising scandal.


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